Hi! I have a problem, that I hope you can help me solve: 

I have a domain called www.møbelpolstrere.dk (note the “ø”). When I go to wp-admin and use other functions, it “redirects” to mbelpolstrere.dk/wp-admin and the like (note the MISSING “ø”)..!

Actually in IE I can’t even access the wp-admin (in Chrome I “just” have to add the missing “ø” manually after trying..)

I used a 1-click-installer.

My guess is that this is a setting somewhere that I can change.. It’s not in the normal settings menu – there is the correct URL.. Is there some file or somewhere else I need to change this..?

(Somebody suggested changing define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’); to define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf-8’); – but that just messed things up.)

Hi, I’m xirb


  1. When you login using chrome manually, are you able to see the backend. If so, what do you have listed under Settings > General: WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL). Can you post that here. 

  2. Maybe this can help: You might want to check up wp-config.php and place (define(‘WPLANG’, ‘da_DK); )

    I’m not really sure though, but give it a try or dabble with it a bit

  3. Thanks, good suggestion. It turns out that the 1-click-installer already have added define (‘WPLANG’, ‘da_DK’); automatically – so that is not the problem..

  4. On some search I found that you need IDN support for your .dk domain since it has that ø character. One of the things I also read was that IE still has issues with supporting IDN (not sure about latest versions).

    You either need to write some custom code and add it to your files like: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-wordpress-mu-domain-mapping-idn-support


    Use a IDN support plugin like:



    Let me know if it works. I could be wrong but the issue intrigued me so I decided to look around, but I don’t have a domain to test it out with.  

  5. Thanks for your suggestions, both of you!

    The first IDN plugin did not work and the other was just for multisite installs (and the instructions were too complex for me). Both your suggestions got me thinking, and it seems to be solved by inputting the “punycode” version of the domain name in Settings… 

    So now it goes: http://www.xn--mbelpolstrere-bnb.dk .. I really find it weird that this is neccessary, but it seems to work!

    (Just hope that it doesnøt get all messed up in the Google indexing then :-))

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