Konverteringsoptimering: Gode tips

Grundig artikel med rigtige mange vigtige grundlæggende og essentielle overvejelser om konverteringsoptimering med…

Grundig artikel med rigtige mange vigtige grundlæggende og essentielle overvejelser om konverteringsoptimering med base i psykologi.

– Har du evt. tips om gode artikler, hvor der tages en anden “videnskabelig” tilgang fremfor ren statistisk eller baseret på brugerundersøgelser..?

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Conversion Rate Optimisation – How a bit of psychology helps by Darren Hunt of Evosite Ltd 

Using human psychology to improve sales is probably as old as the practice of buying and selling. If you’ve ever seen a skilled market trader warm up an audience with a couple of unbelievable bargains that disappear who knows where into a crowd of shoppers you’ll know what I mean.

Understanding the psychology of buying: what convinces us to buy and what makes us wary, lies at the heart of conversion rate optimisation.  But, if you’re hoping for a list of tricks and tactics that will dupe unsuspecting customers into buying things they don’t really want, then I’m going to disappoint you.

Fundamentally, there’s no way in eCommerce to convince somebody to buy something they don’t want or need. So where does psychology come in? 

At its most basic level the job of eCommerce is to help people see that your product is desirable, meets their needs, represents good value, and that the purchase is free of risk. This is much harder than it might sound and you have to know what’s going on in somebody’s mind to do it effectively.

Unlike the crafty market trader you have a very limited opportunity to induce panic or impulse buying: ‘If I don’t buy something now I’m going to miss out on these great bargains.’  Most online purchase decisions will be considered and measured, more on this shortly.

But you can use psychology to persuade people that it’s in their interests to make a purchase now rather than later.

Read the full article here: http://www.evosite.co.uk/blog/conversion-rate-optimisation-how-a-bit-of-psychology-helps

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