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Sådan får du den custom url du gerne vil have på G+

Sådan får du den custom url du gerne vil have på G+

Like a Ninja 🙂 

Originally shared by Sean Milligan

So Google+ will only let you use a pre-approved custom URL. I was offered +SeanMilligan. However, I always use SeanRMilligan on all of my social media URLs.

Seeing as the URL offered was based on my name, I changed my name to Sean R Milligan. Lo, and behold: Google promptly offered me +SeanRMilligan. HOWEVER, one final obstacle – because “many people have the same name,” Google wanted me to add extra characters.

I wasn’t settling for +SeanRMilligan92. So I changed my name one more time, to Sean R Milliga. Finally I was offered +SeanRMilliga, and threw the extra character ‘n’ on the end. Now I have +SeanRMilligan. WHAT NOW GOOGLE. YOUR MOVE.

Caveat: You can only do three name changes per two years. I just hit my third change as I reverted my display name back to simply “Sean Milligan.” Don’t stick yourself with a weird name when trying to craft the URL you want.

Hi, I’m Mads Gorm Larsen

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